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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is wearing a breast form necessary ?

Which breast form should I order?

What is Perma-Form?

What is Covered by insurances?

What Is Jodee’s Return Policy?

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MAP Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Which breast form should I order?

Triangular? Teardrop? Asymmetrical?

Our catalog describes the type of surgery each form might be best for ... but ... each surgery is truly different from any other.

What is Perma-Form Bra.

Jodee’s patented Perma-Form® Bra is a lightweight form of polyurethane foam that is sewn in permanently into each bra. The form has small metal cores which help restore body balance, yet leave the form lighter than silicone. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Foam is lighter ... less than the weight of silicone.
  • Foam is cooler... more comfortable on those hot, humid days.
  • Bra is easier to wear ... if you have arthritis or if you have trouble fitting the form into the pocket this bra is for you.

All Perma-Form Bras are custom made. Please allow 15 days extra for delivery.

6-month limited replacement warranty against manufacturing defects of the Breast Form.

Why is wearing a breast form necessary?

Losing a breast causes an imbalance to the body. If a woman goes too long without replacing the weight of a missing breast, she may experience neck or back pain.

You should wear a breast form:

  • To restore balance to the body for good physical health
  • To restore the natural silhouette to the body for good mental and emotional health
  • To help avoid neck or back pain.

What is covered by insurances?

Most major medical insurance policies cover mastectomy products according to their guidelines?

We encourage you to call your insurance company to verify your benefits? Give them the procedure codes listed below and they will be able to give you information regarding what your policy allows, how much they pay, how many bras and breast forms you are eligible for each year?

Silicone Breast Form L8030
Foam Breast Form L8020
Mastectomy Bras L8000
Perma-Form/unilateral L8001
Perma-Form/bilateral L8002

What Is Jodee’s Return Policy?

If you find it necessary to return merchandise, please return it to Jodee®.
Call 1-800-423-9038 for instructions and to receive a Return Authorization Number.

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