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You can always put your trust in Jodee®!

We put 40 years of experience and our superior craftsmanship to work for you.

Mastectomy Bras by Jodee - A place for mastectomy bras, mastectomy breast forms, mastectomy swimwear,silicone forms and many other hard to find products.
Jodee have manufactured and sold millions of mastectomy bras, and know that the right bra and breast form not only restore balance and assure a comfortable fit, but also fulfill an emotional need.

... and our people care ! Our trained Fitting Counselors can answer all your questions. They understand your physical and emotional needs. They can help you get the right fit, the right bra and the right breast form .

"Jodee understands your expectations from wearing our breast forms and bras in that they will help make you feel comfortable and healthy."

Most Jodee® bras(except styles 401,411,412,500,507,570,571,572,595,810,811 and 812) have a pocket under the arm to hold a Balanced-Fit® cushion. The cushion is available upon request and is free of charge.

Jodee provides the largest selection of After Breast Surgery bras. We have manufactured and sold over four million After Breast Surgery bras, and know that the right bra and breast form not only restore balance and assure an excellent fit, but it helps you feel comfortable and secure.


Established in 1971, Jodee is a leading provider of After Breast Surgery products. In 1973, Jodee helped bring about changes in Medicare law that allowed reimbursement for mastectomy products for women regardless of when their surgery was done.


Jodee uses only the best quality fabrics sewn with the utmost care to meet highest fitting specifications. All Jodee products must pass stringent quality control inspections.

Creative Designs

A breast form is only as good as the bra that carries it. Jodee® bras are designed to provide excellent fit, lasting comfort and durability. Beautiful, feminine Jodee® bras are designed with women of all ages in mind, because Jodee® recognizes the individual needs of women who have had breast surgery.

Range of Sizes

Jodee bras are available in a wide array of sizes, ranging from 32AA to 52GG. There is a Jodee bra for every woman from the most petite to the fullest figure.

Business Facts

Toll free telephone for your convenience.

Telephone: 1-800-423-9038

Extended Customer Service Hours:

Monday - Friday- 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Jodee ... because we care

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